About us

I am Sandrine, born in Belgium but feeling like I could live (almost) anywhere in the world. In 2014 I married Axel who is Dutch, funny, caring and shares my dreams and sense of adventure. The place we’ve settled down for now is a finca (piece of farmland) in Spain. We’re in the triangle between Barcelona, Valencia and Zaragoza and only an hour from the coast.


Most of the time, I wear rubber shoes and gardening pants. 

We’ve got dogs and a cat, we’re raising chickens, and we’re planning to get sheep, bees and maybe some more animals in the next months / year. First, we need to build them shelters though.

We’ve got a beautiful house on our finca, and we run a small bed & breakfast – it’s just finished and we’re still working on the landscaping, but beds are cosy, showers are perfect and breakfast is local / fresh / seasonal… More about that on our website, click here.

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3 thoughts on “About us

  1. Hi, a great blog you have there! Really inspiring! We have bought a Mas and a hectare of land in Catalunya last year. We are currently renovating and developing the land and hope to move in early summer this year. We are integrated well in the local community (my wife grew up there) but we would like to know fellow (international) “homesteaders” in our area and elsewhere in Spain.

    • Hi Johannes, great to hear that you’re in the middle of a big adventure… hope everything is going well with the renovations. It seems to me like having a family member who grew up in the area is a huge plus!
      Whereabouts are you in Catalunya? I know people here and there, maybe I can hook you up with people living nearby.

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