Follow me to Simple Living in Spain!

Dear all,

I’ve been neglecting this blog for the past few months, and the reason for it is clear – it’s my new(er) blog, Simple Living in Spain.


Simple Living in Spain was first started as an outlet for everything I didn’t want to bother you with here on the Mas del Encanto blog – but it’s growing into something bigger. On Simple Living in Spain, I want to inspire people to start living a simpler life, being more self-sufficient, making time for what’s important. I want people to learn from our mistakes and successes, to join us on new adventures and projects, and to be able to share theirs with us as well.

Mas del Encanto (as in, our home and bed & breakfast) still exists – you can read all about it on the website. From now on though, updates on Mas del Encanto will be shared with you either on the Facebook page or in the newsletter (which I send out every two months or so). And there will be the occasional pretty picture on Instagram. If you’re not getting it yet, please do subscribe to the newsletter! If Spanish is your preferred language, we are even planning to start sending out a monthly newsletter in Castellano. Subscribe here!

Stories from our daily life will be on Simple Living in Spain from now on though. From the chickens who are getting BIG to the alpacas that have finally arrived in Spain; from our small and big projects to the volunteers who are helping us with those; from our farm dogs to the birds and the bees; from the food forest to the vegetable garden, from my baking experiments to delicious farm-to-table cooking.

From a mere hobby on the side, writing about all those topics and helping people on their own journey has become a passion of mine.

You can follow Simple Living in Spain in so many ways:

Thank you for supporting us so far and cheering us on at every step of our adventure – I truly hope you’ll follow me to Simple Living in Spain and enjoy the rest of the journey with me!

One last thing before I leave you – if you’re anywhere local, I’d love for you to come and join our Coffee & Cake Thursdays this summer. Check our Facebook page (or check with me directly) to be certain it’s on (as we might skip an edition here and there in high season). We’d love to welcome everyone and anyone who happens to be in the neighbourhood to Mas del Encanto on Thursday mornings though!

2017-05-09 17.40.42 coffeecake


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