Looking for the magic angle

“So what’s your angle?”, she asked. K. and I were discussing what we were doing and planning to do here; we had been on it all morning. We even brought our husbands for a bit of extra inspiration (or for the challenge). Bed & breakfast, glamping, bungalows for guests, websites, and now we got to the subject of blogging. I’ve been blogging for over 2 years now (wow! I still remember that first post…). Writing about dreams and aspirations, plans and construction updates, our animals, sometimes about the  neighbours, but mainly about the things we do out here. I love writing, and it really makes me happy to share what we do here – especially since from time to time, I get a compliment or somebody tells me how it inspires them to step outside the box and do something crazy (or step inside the box, if you watched too much Doctor Who like I have).

In the past few years, I’ve been following quite a lot of blogs, mostly from other people living “off the grid”; sometimes I felt like mine was missing something, but I couldn’t think of what… until K. pinpointed it, on that sunny day sitting in their kitchen. I’m missing an angle.

Everybody has an angle, right? That special something that makes them, well, special. There’s people writing about nothing but chickens, goats and only goats, sheep, alpaca’s – you name the animal, somebody’s blogging about them. About permaculture or gardening, about making good and healthy food at home (and how to preserve it), about herbs and how to use them. About parenthood and how (not) to do it. And then I didn’t count people who are just trying to sell something.

After some consideration, I’ve decided that my “angle” is that I don’t have an angle. For now, I like to freedom of writing about everything and anything happening over here. I like that I’m writing about the olive harvest one day, and about the village party the next. I’d like to write more about permaculture (especially the social aspect of it) and about living off the grid – I’d love to share more recipes and how-to’s. I might, some day soon – time and inspiration permitting. If there is anything you would like me to write (more) about, please let me know!

For now, I’ll just scribble away – and post more pictures of beautiful sunsets and sunrises.

2016-03-13 07.17.13 mdc


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