A day in the life

2016-01-28 19.36.56Days like yesterday are the best. The sun was shining, people were working hard, and I feel like we are finally getting the hang of dealing with all the different things we’re doing here (at the same time). It does help that one of our workaway-volunteers left us on Tuesday; we had 4 people staying here, which meant that I usually had to stay home all day (or Axel had to drive around like a madman) as only 5 people will fit in the car. We also changed our daily routine a bit – we now have an easy lunch (bread / leftovers / whatever), and we ask a different volunteer to cook for the whole group each day. Two days ago we had a very nice vegetarian dish (with squash and avocado) made by Darren from the US, and last night Yuan Ni from Malaysia made us something delicious and semi-Malaysian (adapted with foodstuffs we were actually able to find here iin Spain, most of them imported from Thailand).

This week, so many things are happening, and we’ve reached a few milestones.

2016-01-28 15.30.25 constrOn Thursday, Axel & a friend started tiling the floor. We’ve chosen one kind of tiles for the whole floor (including the kitchen / living room, our own bedroom, office & bathroom, both guestrooms and the guests’ breakfast room). It looks like wood, but it’s actually a tile – nice and cool to walk on in summer. After only 2 working days, the first lines have been set; going from our private bathroom on the one side to the far end of the living room. I love it so far!

I’ve also been spending some time in the greenhouse, planting seeds and preparing a few things for spring. We had many vegetables from our garden last year already – this year I’m going for more diversity… and also some extra crops for the animals.

2016-01-27 12.17.47 meSince Thursday as well, JP (our trees expert from Cretas) is pruning the olives. There’s just too many of them for Axel to do them all, so we called in the troops; he gets help from the workawayers to tow away whatever he cuts off – and that’s a lot! We’re getting goats to stay with us for a while today (just to try them out and see how we like keeping goats), hopefully they will like to nibble on the fresh cuttings…

In the mean time, Ciaran is making us stairs. It all started with stairs between the house and the “baranco” (our “dry river”, where we’re starting a forest garden), and now he’s tackled the stairs to the outdoor bathroom… It’s going to be beautiful (and convenient as well).

2016-01-28 15.28.00 constrYesterday was what Yuan Ni called “late Christmas”; the stones were supposed to be delivered just after Christmas, but got delayed just a tiny bit – today, truckloads of stones were dropped all around the house. Monday is the day they will start finishing the outside of the house with them. The delay probably won’t hurt us much; the windows will probably be installed in time for us to start moving houses according to plan… Let’s certainly hope so!

We also ordered part of the bathrooms last night, and chose the rest of the bathrooms and the kitchen… only a matter of waiting for presopuestos (quotations) now.

2016-01-28 13.03.42 meLast but not least, our chicken egg incubator is “on lockdown”; this means that we have closed off the incubator, and nothing else gets in or out until we get chicks in 2 days. We’re planning on getting a next batch in right after this one; hopefully this will give us a decent amount of little chickens. We love eating fresh eggs and sharing them with guests and volunteers and baking stuff with them. It seems that all 4 chickens are laying now (since a day or 2) – but in the last few weeks, we only had 2 chickens “working” (not even every day, as it was winter and days were short, which naturally leads to a decline in egg production). With an average of 4-5 people in the house that was just not enough. Any way, more chickens is the answer! For somebody with an irrational fear of chickens. I think I’ve come a long way – still too scared to face Sanchez-the-rooster-who-feels-my-fear without some kind of shield, but turning into a chicken nut anyway. We have bought everything necessary to build the chicken coop of our dreams (a chickshaw) and I even volunteered as a virtual chicken ninja (really, I have no idea what I signed up for but it sounded so good) for the people at Abundant Permaculture. Nope, no time to get bored!

2016-01-28 17.15.23 me

While I was writing this, the sun has come up… so it’s time to get up, get out, and start a whole new day. So many things to do, so much fun doing them!


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