And now, we wait

These days, life seems to be all about waiting.

Waiting for the sun

Waiting for the sun

Many people are waiting for us. The architect is waiting for a drawing we’d make of the greenhouse and the stable (so he can apply for a building permit). The people at the DIY store are waiting for  pictures of our dream kitchen, so they can tell us what we need to buy to make that happen. And they’re also waiting for us to finally order bathrooms, as we’ve only been talking about them for 3-4 months now. Last but not least, the painter is waiting for the measurements of the house so he can start planning his job…

Our 'naked' house is waiting for nice stones to cover it

Our ‘naked’ house is waiting for nice stones to cover its walls

We are waiting as well. Most importantly, we’re waiting for stones: for weeks now, the stones for the outside of the house have been waiting to be delivered. But every time the trucks wants to come up to our hill… it rains. It doesn’t rain much; just enough to get the road muddy and slippery again. Not a risk big fat heavy lorries want to take.

We’re waiting for the tiling to start. Wednesday, January 27th: that’s when Axel & friends will start their tile-laying marathon. 8 hours a day, probably 3 to 4 weeks. The tiles are waiting for us at the store, they’re beautiful!


We’re waiting for our friends J&L to come home after their trip to India & South Africa. Only 2 weeks to go.

Our almond trees are done waiting for winter

Our almond trees are done waiting for winter

We’re waiting for real rain. It does rain from time to time; what I said, just enough for the road to get slippery. The grass, vegetables and trees need some good soaking… none of that planned in the next week or so.

We’re waiting for winter not to come. We were waiting for winter to come at first – but the whole season kept on being sunny and nice. Our almond trees are blooming now; if it starts freezing now (or next week, or next month), we probably won’t have much of a harvest. So now we’re just hoping we’ll hop right from not-really-winter-yet to spring.


The incubator with 6 eggs, waiting to hatch

The incubator with 6 eggs, waiting for them to hatch

Last but not least, we’re waiting for chicks. At the beginning of the year, we’ve been collecting eggs from our chickens (who are not technically ours, so we’ll give them back when their owners come back in a few weeks). On Saturday, January 9th we put them into the incubator I bought; 6 little eggs are now waiting to be turned into chicks. Thankfully the incubator is fully automatic (knowing myself, I’d just forget to turn the eggs 5 times a day and adjust the humidity level and such); all we have to do from time to time is “candling” them (looking through them with a strong light, to make sure the chick is developing well and not rotting / ready to explode on the others) and wait for the chicks to come “pipping”. Only 12 days to go!

In the mean time, of course we’re not waiting around twiddling our thumbs – work is getting done at a really good rate (Axel is working so hard and we’ve got a good team of volunteers now as well). The stairs from the (future) orchard to the house are now finished, the guys are building a small toolshed next to those stairs, lots of veggies are growing well and we’ve got tons of other projects (big and small) coming up.

Waiting for the sun to come up... again...

Waiting for the sun to come up… every single day…

In the mean time, with all these people around, I’m mainly working from home (our rented temporary house near Cretas) and practising my cooking. A friend sent me 2 wonderful old vegetarian cookbooks a few weeks ago; the best thing about them is they hardly have any exotic ingredients in them (that’s probably the hardest thing about many vegetarian recipes on the internet nowadays – things like tofu, special nuts and berries are not always available in small villages). So no need to eat meat just because of a lack of inspiration now! I’ll be making goat’s cheese & spinach soufflé tomorrow… Maybe I’ll post recipes on here from time to time as well!

This beautiful rainbow showed up while I was writing this blogpost...

This beautiful rainbow popped up while I was writing this blogpost… and was gone again 2 minutes after this picture.


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