One idea leads to another and another and…

You might have read of heard it somewhere – we are in the last stage of planning for the house we’re going to build on our finca. It all gets frighteningly real now! For the last few months, we’ve been so busy with “details” like our permaculture project, the vegetable garden, olives & almonds that it’s refreshing to see the big picture coming to life as well. We’re now only waiting for the building permit (that’s actually been lying at the ayuntamiento for a few weeks now) and making a few last arrangements, and then we’re all set…

We’re always trying to stay a step ahead though; while the builders are doing their thing, we will be preparing everything to set up our bed & breakfast business. So for the last week or so, we’ve done a bit (a lot) of brainstorming, and yesterday we put a survey online. Purpose of this survey: to help us decide on what we really need (and really don’t) and where to put our priorities. Do we really need / want a swimming pool? And will we be serving lunch or dinner? Are people ready for a “pay what you want” pricing system, or would they take advantage of that? These questions (and more) are to be answered by YOU, dear reader, after clicking here. Please fill it out (if you haven’t done it already), and provide us with as much comments and advice as humanly possible!

BBQ while working on the maset

At this moment, the self-catering options are VERY basic…

The wonderful thing about this survey is that people are not only filling it out, but really seem to be thinking along with us. We’re getting questions about things we hadn’t thought of before (A sand pit! A mini campsite! An information folder about the area!), get tips on what to advertise with (energy saving, self-catering options, options to eat out or have us cook your dinner) and don’t get me started on the pricing system 🙂

We’re so happy to see that people can’t wait to come and visit us – and to be truthful, we can’t wait to open our doors either. We are now planning our official opening for May 2016; we’ll probably be inviting family, friends and supporters to stay with us in the months before that to test everything… and make Mas del Encanto the perfect place to escape to.

Thank you all for helping us with making our dream reality!


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