It’s the little things…

This week ago, I got a great compliment from somebody… she said she liked reading my blog, and especially loved all the positive energy in it. Well, she said a lot more, but that’s the short version 😉 So I’ve decided that after 3 weeks of bad luck (We’ve been here for exactly 3 weeks today!), it’s time to point out the positive (little) things…


  • Bad luck is just what it is – bad luck. Looking back to our accident on Saturday, my main thought is: if I had still been in Amsterdam, I would have been ran over by a group of cyclists. Or would have fallen into a canal or something.
  • Did an impromptu mini-roadtrip today… 10 hours straight in the car, I thought I really needed time for myself… but the best moment of the whole day was tonight at home when I got to sit down after my shower with good food and my feed up in the air… tears of relief 🙂
  • Woops: drove to Barcelona, went to the beach with the dogs, did groceries in the big city, got gas, visited the vet as well… feeling a bit guilty at each step, towards the nice doctor who ordered me to get some rest for at least a week. That week starts tomorrow!
  • Getting an unexpected visit from friends yesterday, they came to wish me a speedy recovery. Really felt good!
  • Running into people you’ve been trying to talk to for 2 weeks. Serendipity.
  • Looking forward to so many things I will do when my leg’s better! Clean the house. Bake bread. Build a greenhouse. Go to Zaragoza. And maybe Alicante (only 450 km or so!). Go choose tiles for the house. And kitchens, and bathrooms. Go visit some friends I’ve still not seen since we’re here.
  • Wonderful: discovering that the beach of El Perello is just 20 minutes away from the vet’s. So might as well go there more often. Not so wonderful: discovering that since last year, El Perello has “cleaned up its act” and placed signs on every single beach I know… dogs not allowed. But dogs are a bit like trees falling in the forest; if there is nobody on the whole wide beach to hear them bark, are they even there? Note to self: ask people about other beaches we can go to!
  • The look on Jabba & Jinx’s faces when I got bags full of chicken out of the car fridge at the beach…
  • Seeing children trick-or-treating here in the tiny village of Lledo! If they come here, I’ll probably have to give them Axel’s liquorice stash…
  • Getting some stupid challenge when I open WordPress, and having no idea how and where to talk about a Dark Knight. Although one of the Halloween children had a cape and a mask, so might have been dressed as Batman…

Screenshot 2014-10-30 21.03.45


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