(Temporary) home sweet (temporary) home!

We finally made it: this week, we moved to Spain! It was a journey full of adventures that took us 22 hours (we usually drive it in 18 hours) and everything seemed to go wrong after we got here, but we’re still happy to be in Lledo.
We arrived on a very hot day, but managed to unload the car without melting. Of course we needed to see the land, which was as beautiful as ever… green gras is growing everywhere, after a very hot and dry summer. We’ve been discussing what to do with the several parts (mowing, ploughing, digging), thankfully this time we get to go back and look at things again every day, instead of having to decide things from a distance.
Our first few days were quite stressful as only hours after arriving here, our cat Joey managed to slip through the shutters and go out on a walk… unfortunately, he didn’t come back. We’ve been looking everywhere and started to despair after a big rainfall created floods all over the village – however, today he has been sighted in the lower part of the village so we’ll concentrate our search there. The villagers are very helpful, asking to see pictures and promising to keep their eyes open. If Joey’s not back on Monday, we’re going to hang his picture in the village shop, the cafe and at the town hall, as a reminder for everybody to keep looking. On the bright side, it’s a terrific way for us to get to know the village (it’s a maze, really!) and for the villagers to get to know us (we’re those foreigners living at Los Bolitos, the house on top of the village).
Next week, we hope to be able to really start working here. We need to sit down with the architect and the contractor; choose things like stones, tiles and wood for the house; maybe get the greenhouse up;… There is also some work to be done at the little village house we’re staying at; we don’t think it usually gets rented out for the winter. And on a rainy day, we’d really love to start a newsletter to keep everybody up to date with what’s really happening (and not only my occasional ramblings over here).


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