Meanwhile in Amsterdam…

We’ve been very silent over here for the last few months… mainly because we’ve been very busy planning and getting ready!

First of all, we made a new addition to the family: Jabberwocky (aka Jabba) is a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog and is growing up (real fast) to become our very own guard dog. He’s very intelligent, a bit stubborn, and a very very sweet dog… he also gets along great with Jinx. He hasn’t been to Spain yet, but we really hope he will enjoy his life there!

In July, we finished our online Permaculture Design Course with Geoff Lawton. The course was a bit of a rollercoaster (it started of slowly but then it suddenly caught on), we’ve learned so much and we’re very happy to have done it! As an end project for the course, we made a design for our finca. This gave us the opportunity to really think about what we want to do with it – which plants to plant, which animals to keep, which part of the land to dedicate to what – and what project to start with! Last week, we finally got confirmation that we graduated from the course and are now impatiently waiting for our diploma (which has been sent from Australia, so it might take a while).

Two weeks ago, we went on our very last short trip to Cambrils (home town of architect Manel) to discuss a few last things. In about 10 days, we’ll be moving to Matarranya to be there during the building of our dream! We’ve rented a very cute little house in the village and will be monitoring everything from there… although we’ll also be back in Amsterdam regularly (as many of you know, Sandrine still has her own business there). We’ll try to keep you posted!

Many people have been asking us about our website, a newsletter, new plans and drawings, more news,… We’re working on that, and hope to be able to present all of those very soon.


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